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Educational Submissions for EXPO COMM Conference Programs
Before you submit a proposal…

* Review the content you are proposing for technical integrity, timeliness and interest.
* Review the speaker you are proposing to make sure that they are qualified to present to a demanding, experienced, technical audience.
* Review the panelists you are proposing to make sure there is a mix of companies, experience and technology represented.

If your proposal is accepted…

You agree to meet all of the deadlines determined by the Programs Committee including agreeing to provide an electronic copy of your presentation.

You may not be permitted to speak if we have not received and reviewed your presentation in advance of the conference. Our audience expects presentations and they deserve to hear from speakers who have put time and effort into their session.


* Planning begins nine months in advance of each conference.
* Do not include proprietary or confidential material in your proposals.
* All submissions become the property of E.J. Krause & Associates.
* Unfortunately, we are unable to contact everyone who submits a proposal to provide their submission status. Please be assured that you will be contacted if your submission is chosen.

Indicate the event for which you want to propose a session.

Decide which type of program best suits your proposal from the list below.

Conference Sessions

Conference sessions are generally 90 minutes long. The typical session consists of a moderator and three speakers. Other formats for conference sessions are “Great Debates,” in which two speakers debate a hot topic, or “In Perspective,” where one speaker gives an in-depth presentation. Please note your preferred format in your 50-word session description. Topics to focus your submission on are provided as tracks within the submission form.


Tutorials are in-depth, two-day classes taught by leading researchers, academics, technologists, and consultants. The tutorials are designed to provide a thorough understanding of theory or practice or both in selected technology areas. Instructors are recognized as impartial experts in their fields. Many have written textbooks relevant to their courses, hold patents or are the standard developers of the topics they teach.


Workshops are one-day technical classes with a pragmatic focus. They explain “how to” or “what is.” They are taught by implementers or developers of the technology in question.


Keynotes are visionary presentations to general session audiences. Keynote speakers are CEOs of industry leading companies, or prominent government or public policy leaders.

E.J. Krause & Associates is committed to helping your
organization produce a successful event. Whether you’re
looking for tradeshow management or a joint venture
opportunity, let our 20 years of experience in the
exhibition industry work for you.

The world’s leading organiser of trade and consumer events

Reed Exhibitions excels in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business.

Every year we run over 500 events in 38 countries, bringing together over 6 million active event participants worldwide. With over 2,600 employees in 39 offices around the globe we serve 47 industries worldwide. To view our key industry sectors click here.

Our network of offices and promoters extends to 65 countries. With more market-leading events than any other organiser, nobody delivers more business contacts than Reed Exhibitions.

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