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EXPO COMM is the global series of ICT exhibitions and conferences covering telecommunications, broadband, wireless 3G/4G, unified communications, network infrastructure and engineering, and long term evolution. With an annual schedule that includes EXPO COMM events in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, the EXPO COMM series attracts the highest quality buyers by addressing the needs of ICT professionals.  EXPO COMM is where global technology providers meet to present business strategies and technology solutions to decision makers from large and small purchasing entities that include national governments, education and research institutions,  businesses and enterprise groups, and a wide range of companies that make up the ICT supply chain. 

The EXPO COMM series began in China 25 years ago and has expanded to include events in Japan, South Korea, Russia and Mexico, with its newest market in Italy serving the expanding needs of the entire EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa).  In every nation whereEXPO COMM is held, it is the number one event for the ICT industry, collectively drawing more than 750,000 attendees worldwide to the events each year. With a proven historic record of success, the EXPO COMM series attracts global industry leaders and technology professionals to EXPO COMM events on four continents around the world.

The EXPO COMM is ramping up marketing efforts for 2021. Our process will radically change in order to keep our employees away from quarantine burnout, more info here.

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